Ecological Surveys

Ecological Surveys

Certified Senior Ecologist and Ohio EPA certified Qualified Data Collectors working for you

Our Certified Senior Ecologist and Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners works with our field biologists and ecologist to survey and identify a broad range of plants and animals, both terrestrial and aquatic. We strive to offer unparalleled ecological consulting services; it is our goal to provide clients with the most complete and accurate ecological information, allowing project managers and planners to make better-informed and more sustainable land use decisions.

Our company also offers related environmental consulting services such as GPS surveying and mapping, invasive species management planning and control, habitat enhancement planning,  and endangered species consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Additionally, the company holds a Wild Animal Permit for scientific collection with the Ohio

Division of Wildlife, and collectively, staff are certified through the Ohio EPA as Qualified Data Collectors (QDCs) for Level 3 fish and water chemistry studies and Level 3 habitat assessment. Our staff botanist has also received training and certification from the USFWS for conducting surveys for the federally-endangered Running Buffalo Clover (Trifolium stoloniferum).

In addition, our team enjoys participating in “bio-blitzes” or all-taxa biotic inventories for public education purposes and has supported such events for the City of Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, Shepherd’s Corner (Blacklick, Ohio), Denison University,  Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, and Delaware Preservation Parks.

The Services Offered by MAD Scientists Include:

  • General Ecological Surveys and Biotic Inventories
  • Ecological Restorations
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Studies
  • Critical Habitat Evaluations / bat emergence surveys (including identification of potential roosting habitat for the federally endangered Indiana bat)
  • Botanical Surveys (FQAI and VIBI)
  • Tree Surveys
  • Invasive Species Surveys
  • Stream Studies (especially fish and invertebrates)
  • Mussel Surveying – Ohio Division of Wildlife Approved Mussel Surveyors
  • Park Land Planning, Enhancement and Management