Sandhill Crane Wetland Restoration Design

MAD Scientist Associates was hired to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to assist in the final design and restoration of the 286-acre Sandhill Crane Wetlands tract in the Kitty Todd Nature Preserve in Lucas County, Ohio. To accomplish this work, MAD has teamed with B. Hill’z Excavating, Inc., Garcia Surveyors, hydrogeologist Stephen Heermann, and North Point Engineering.

MAD has performed the soil assessment in late May for this site. Prior to completing the assess-ment, MAD completed a thorough desktop-level review of the Site (taking full advantage of all site information already compiled and made available to us) and coordinated with TNC to identify potentially suitable areas for wetland scrapes and dune creation.

Combining existing literature and data from our site analysis, MAD will begin drafting preliminary design plans, starting from the polygons provided for scrapes and dunes. This will be done in a way to hopefully obviate the need for floodplain permitting. MAD will work closely with TNC throughout the design process so everyone has regular opportunities to provide input and feedback. Development of the final design plans will be guided by hydrologic analyses that will be performed to evaluate whether the proposed designs are compatible with existing hydrologic and meteorological data. Additionally, hydrogeologic analyses will be performed to assess whether any of the site modifications could adversely impact nearby residents.

During construction activities (currently underway), MAD is providing regular oversight – double checking grades, answering contractor questions, checking sediment and erosion controls, and ensuring quality control per the design intent. Our Team provides regular “punch lists” and project documentation to the client to ensure progress is efficient and communication is clear.

Wetland restoration