Crawford Park District Wetland & Prairie Creation

MAD Scientist Associates, LLC (MAD) worked with the Crawford County Park District to convert an agricultural ditch into a functioning wetland. Funded through The Nature Conservancy, MAD designed a wetland to receive surface runoff from surrounding farmland and roads. This runoff is treated in a series of 3 stepped infiltration pools before entering the main wetland—another series of 3 marsh pools. These final marsh pools are further supplied by farm tile that remained unimpacted to preserve the arability of the surrounding farmland. This 0.55-acre wetland/upland ecosystem was planted by MAD staff and volunteers, and the local Fire Department joined at the end of the planting to water all the new plants. Beyond water quality improvement, this wetland will provide education and outreach opportunities for Crawford County. This project has since earned the praise of the Ohio EPA for its treatment of runoff and improvement of riparian areas.